German and Mexican Engineers for sustainability

TulumBay is owned and managed by German and Mexican engineers. The owners will use all proceeds from the sale of TulumBay to support an open global civil society to achieve a world in balance based on climate justice. In the past, the owners have worked with friends to initiate and support sustainable projects around the world, such as:
In the Home Owner Association that is in the process of forming for Tankah 3 and 4, the engineers are lobbying with a proposal to rehabilitate the road: If each unit owner contributes a $7,000 one-time payment to the community, the 2.2 miles (3.5 km) of Tankah Road can be fully upgraded, paved and sidewalks installed. In the process, power lines can be safely buried, fresh water piped to each property, and wastewater treated at a centralized treatment plant. Both areas, the one where the fresh water is produced and the other where the wastewater is treated, can be covered with a solar park and the energy proceeds will benefit that new Tankah Home Owner Association Tankah.

We believe in the importance of protecting and conserving the world’s forest ecosystems and thus encourage everyone to support forest restoration projects, like Eden Reforestation.
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